Swedish Translation Services

Bringing the Swedish Market to You

English-Swedish-English linguistic services


Do you want to reach the Swedish market and communicate with Swedish customers? Do you need your documentation or software localized into Swedish or vice versa? Then you have reached the right place.

Swedish Translation Services provides the following professional services for English-Swedish-English:

-          Translation

-          Localization

-          Proofreading

-          Editing

-          Copy writing

 Hire a professional linguist to achieve best results. I can help you bridge the language gaps between English and Swedish. I do not only take into account the words that are used, but also the culturally sensitive matters, resulting in a text that is more appealing to your customers. A good translator with expertise in the field, language and culture will save your company time, money and maintain your brand.

Swedish Translation Services specializes in the following subject areas:


  • Software Localization
  • IT and Telecommunication
  • Marketing, PR, Advertizing, Copy Writing
  • Business Communication
  • Multimedia

I can provide services in other related areas as well, depending on knowledge and comfort in the area.


Read what my customers say about me, and take a look at some translation projects that I have been working on.


For translation of official documents, please click here.

What is a professional translator?

When hiring a professional linguist you can make the process easier and improve the success rate of the project by reading this first: Tips for getting it right.